Pine Player Developer Build 1.13.40(92412)

by lizard2019 posted Feb 16, 2019


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Version : 1.13.40 (92412)


Download URL : 

Pine Player_20190215_v1.13.40_92412.zip


* Shortcut Key


[←]       :  previous music

[→]       :  next music

[space] : play / pause

[↑]         : player volume up

[↓]         : player volume down

[delete]  : delete selected playlist item(s)

“<“         : seek to back 10 sec.

“>“         : seek to ahead 10 sec.

“[“          : set A time for loop

“]”          : set B time for loop

“A(a)”    : search A web site

“G(g)”    : search G web site

“Y(y)”    : search Y web site




DSD 파일 사운드 강제 볼륨  증가 값 선택하는 기능 추가.

동작이 안되던 단축키 수정 및 기능 추가.

사소한 버그들 수정.



Added ability to select DSD file sound volume increase value.

Fixed missing shortcuts and added features.

Fix minor bugs.



Möglichkeit zur Auswahl der Lautstärke der DSD-Datei-Lautstärke hinzugefügt.

Fehlende Verknüpfungen behoben und neue Funktionen hinzugefügt.

Beheben Sie kleinere Fehler.



Se ha agregado la capacidad de seleccionar el valor de aumento de volumen del sonido del archivo DSD.

Se corrigieron los atajos que faltaban y las características añadidas.

Corregir errores menores.


















Ajout de la possibilité de sélectionner une valeur d’augmentation du volume du son du fichier DSD.

Correction des raccourcis manquants et des fonctionnalités ajoutées.

Correction de bugs mineurs.

  • ?
    jazzgtrl4 2019.03.16 04:22
    how do save a playlist? i go to "save as" and i cant save it anywhere? please helps
  • ?
    lizard2019 2019.03.27 11:49

    I've found the cause of the problem. The Yosemite OSX version has a problem, so if we implement it in Apple's sandbox policy, you will not see the Save File dialog.
    We recommend using a developer version that is a non-sandbox version. Functionally, the two versions are exactly the same.
    Please download the Non Sandbox version from the link above.
    This site will continue to update faster than the App Store.

  • ?
    1212 2019.03.28 22:02
    감사합니다...항상 잘 쓰고 있어요~~