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Terms of Service



The terms and conditions of all services are as follows.

Please be sure to observe and abide by the Terms of Use and be careful not to limit your use of the Service due to non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions.


Article 1 [Purpose

Article 2 Definitions

Article 3 Publication and revision of the terms and conditions

Article 4 Membership

Article 5 Change of Member Information

Article 6 Membership Account Management Obligations

Article 7. Obligation to protect personal information of the company

Article 8 Contract for Service Use

Article 9 Service provision, etc.

Article 10 Change of Service

Article 11 Suspension of Service

Article 12 Notice to Members

Article 13 Rights and Obligations of the Company

Article 14 Membership Obligations

Article 15 Provision and method of information

Article 16.

Article 17 Withdrawal of membership and termination of use contract, etc.

Article 18 Restrictions on Use and Release

Article 19 Interpretation of Terms

Article 20 Limitation of Liability

Article 21 Governing Law and Judiciary



Article 1 [Purpose)


This Agreement (the "Agreement") sets forth the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Company and its Members in connection with the use of all of the services provided by Digipine.com (the "Company" Purpose.



Article 2 (Definitions)


Terms used in "Terms" are as follows.

① "All Services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") means the production tools (editors) provided by "Company", domain, server space, Home page management system and so on.

② "Membership" means a customer who enters into a contract with a "Company" in accordance with the "Terms" to use the Company's "Services" and uses the "Services" provided by the Company.

③ "All Home" means the website provided by "Company" so that "Member" can make applications, management, etc. related to the use of "Service".

④ "Account" means the authority unit that "Company" grants to "Member" so that "Member" can use "Service".

⑤ "ID" means a combination of letters and numbers determined by "Member" and approved by "Company" in order to identify "Member" and "Member" to use "Service"

⑥ "Password" means a password or a password specified by "member" to protect the confidentiality related to the use of "Service" by "Member" to confirm that it is a "Member" identified by " .

⑦ "All homepages" (hereinafter referred to as "homepages") means the members' own mobile web homepage which is created and operated by "members" using "services".

⑧ "Post" means the information and link such as code, text, image, sound, sound, video posted on "homepage" by "member" and various files uploaded on "homepage".

⑨ Among the terms used in "Terms and Conditions", those not specified in Paragraphs 1 to 8 of this Article shall be subject to relevant laws and regulations and common practices.



Article 3 (Publication and Amendment of Terms)

① "Company" will publish the "Terms and Conditions" on the "All Home" main screen or connection screen so that "member" can easily understand.

② The "Company" may amend the "Terms" to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations, if necessary.

③ "Company" shall, when revising the "Terms and Conditions" specify the contents of the amendment and the applicable date, and notify it from 7 days before the effective date to the day before the effective date in accordance with Article 12. However, if it is unfavorable to a member, it will be notified from 30 days before the effective date to the applicable date, and will be notified by electronic means such as e-mail, electronic mail, and pop-up window .

④ When the "Company" notifies the "Members" of the amendment of the "Agreement" in accordance with the preceding paragraph clearly notices that it will be expressed as a declaration of intention of the consent unless the intention of the rejection is denied until the day before the application date If the Member has not expressly expressed his intention to refuse even though the notice has been given in accordance with Article 12, he / she shall be deemed to have agreed to the "Terms" in which "Member" is amended.

⑤ If "Member" does not consent to the amendment of the "Terms", he / she may deny the "Company" and withdraw "Member" by the day before the effective date.



Article 4 (Membership)

① If you sign up for "Membership", you will be subscribed if you want to use "Service" (hereinafter referred to as "applicant") sign in with Naver Service ID and agree to the contents of this "Agreement".

② The "Company" shall, in principle, approve the use of the "Service" in connection with the application for the "Applicant". However, the "Company" may disqualify a member in accordance with Article 20 if he / she does not accept the application for the following items, or if the reasons for each of the following items are confirmed even after the member is enrolled. 1. If the "Applicant" has previously lost a "Member" status under the "Terms and Conditions"

2. If the "applicant for subscription" has withdrawn from the "member" while the "service" has been suspended pursuant to the terms and conditions

3. If a name other than a real name or the name of another person is entered

4. Where false information is provided or provided, or where the Company does not provide the information it presents

5. If the "applicant" is a child under 14 years of age

6. If you are unable to accept due to the reason of the applicant of the "applicant for membership" or if you apply in violation of all other matters stipulated in the "Terms and Conditions"


③ When the "membership" is established, the "Company" shall indicate the completion of the subscription on the application process, or the notice in accordance with Article 12 shall reach the "applicant for subscription".



Article 5 (Change of Member Information, etc.)

① "Member" can view his / her membership information at any time through the Membership Information Management screen, and can apply for correction through "All Home" or all Customer Center.

② "Member", if the items listed at the time of application for membership change, shall be corrected through the Membership Information Management screen or inform the "Company" of the change.

③ "Company" shall not be held responsible for any disadvantages caused by "member" failing to notify the "Company" of violation of Paragraph 2.



Article 6 (Member's account management obligation)

① The responsibility for the management of the "ID" and "password" of the "member" belongs to the "member", and the "member"

② "Member" shall immediately notify the "Company" and follow the instructions of the "Company" if he / she recognizes that his / her "ID" and "Password" are stolen or used by a third party.

③ "Company" may restrict the use of the account if there is a risk of leakage of personal information such as "ID" of "member", and in such case, notify "member" by the method pursuant to Article 12.

④ "Company" shall not be held responsible for the disadvantage caused by "Member" in violation of the obligations of Paragraph ① or disregarding the guidance of "Company" even if it does not notify or notify "Company" .



Article 7 (Obligation to protect personal information of company)


"The Company" strives to protect the personal information of "members" as stipulated by related laws such as the "Information Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act," and the "Personal Information Protection Act." For the protection and use of personal information, relevant laws and regulations and the company's personal information processing policy apply. However, the personal information processing policy of "Company" does not apply to linked sites other than the official site of "Company" or "homepage" (all members' homepage in the service) managed by "member".

Privacy Policy



Article 8 (Signing of service use contract)

① The contract for the use of the Service shall be concluded when the Member applies for the use of the Service in accordance with the procedure set by the Company and the Company agrees to the use of the Service and the Company concludes the Agreement Home ".

② "Company" may reserve the consent if there is no room for facilities related to "Service", or if there is technical or business disability.

③ In the case of not accepting or reserving the use of the Service in accordance with Paragraph 2, the Company shall, in principle, notify the Member in the manner prescribed in Article 12 hereof.

④ The time of establishment of the contract of use shall be the time when the "company" confirms the conditions of acceptance and signs the contract in the process of signing the contract for the use of the service or notifies the member in accordance with Article 12.

⑤ The "Company" has accepted the application for the use of the Service in accordance with this Article. The "Homepage" created by the "Member" or the "Post" of the "Homepage" does not violate the relevant laws, And notify the user that the posting on the "homepage" or the "homepage" in violation of the relevant laws or regulations, the terms of service, service operation policy, Company "may terminate the" Service "Use Agreement in accordance with Article 20.



Article 9 (Provision of Services, etc.)

① "Service" provided by "Company" is free in principle. However, "Company" may convert "Service" to "Paid" in the event that significant changes in "Service" are inevitable due to changes in market conditions, government regulations or company policies in the future. You may also add or provide a separate fee-based service to the Service, where the Company will notify the Member in the manner provided in Article 12.

② "Company" provides the following "Service" to "Member". 1. Provide management system for "homepage" production and operation

2. Domain, server space, etc. for "homepage" produced and operated pursuant to No. 1

3. Other Support Services for the operation / management of "Membership" or "Membership" "Homepage"


③ "Company", in principle, provides "Service" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the time of acceptance of application for use pursuant to Article 8. However, if the Company can not immediately start the Service due to a technical or business disability, the Company will notify the Member in accordance with Article 12.

④ "Company" applies "NAVER Analytics" which is the web log analysis service of "Company" to "Homepage" so that "member" can check the operation status of "Homepage" and analyze visitor behavior.



Article 10 (Change of Service)

① The "Company" may change the "Service" provided for the operational and technological needs for the stable supply or improvement of "Service".

② "Company" shall notify prior notice in accordance with Article 12 by specifying the contents of change and the effective date when it makes a change of "service" important matters. At this time, if you change the substantive matters related to the rights and obligations of the "member" and the use of the "service", you will be notified from 7 days before the application date.

③ If "Member" does not consent to change the "Service", he / she can show the refusal to "Company" and withdraw "Member".

④ "Company" shall not compensate "Members" separately for the "Service" changes in accordance with Paragraph 1 of this Article, unless there are special regulations in the relevant laws and regulations.



Article 11 (Suspension of Service)

① The "Company" may temporarily suspend the provision of part or all of the "Service" if the following falls. 1. Inevitable for maintenance of equipment

2. When a telecommunications carrier prescribed by the Telecommunications Business Act ceases telecommunication services

3. If there is a problem with the provision of normal service due to national emergency, power outage, failure of service facilities,

4. In cases where any other reason similar to items (1) to (3) above can not be provided by other companies


② The "Company" shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by "Service" to "Member" if "Member" excessively exceeds the normal level of traffic and capacity provided by "Company" "The provision may be temporarily suspended, and in the event that Member relieves the reasons for the disruption of the Service, resume the provision of the Services as provided in the Service Operation Policy.

③ When the Company temporarily suspends the provision of the Service, the Company shall give advance notice in the manner specified in Article 12, stating the reason for suspension and the termination period. However, if there is any unavoidable reason that the Company can not notify in advance, it may notify the Company after the fact.

④ "Company" shall not be liable for damages of "Members" caused by discontinuance of "Service" in accordance with Paragraph 1 and 2 of this Article unless there are intentional negligence or gross negligence.



Article 12 (Notice to Members)

① If "Company" notifies "Member", electronic means such as e-mail, e-mail, and pop-up window at the time of login can be performed unless there is a separate rule in "Terms".

② The "Company" may substitute the notification in the preceding paragraph by posting it on the "All Home" initial screen or bulletin board when notifying the whole "Member". However, for matters that have a significant effect on the use of the "Service" by "Member"



Article 13 (Rights and Obligations of the Company)

① The Company shall endeavor to do its best to provide "service" continuously and reliably in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and "Terms".

② The Company shall deal with any opinions or complaints raised by Members from the Member in connection with the use of the Service and may transmit the process and results to the Member in the manner provided for in Article 12 .

③ The Company may request the submission of a certain range of information and related documents as set forth by the Company in order to verify the identity information of the Member and when requested by the authorized agencies in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, You can.

④ "Member" is not protected against the disadvantage caused by neglecting the obligations of the preceding paragraph.



Article 14 (Obligations of Members)

① "Member" shall operate and manage the "Member" homepage within the scope of the relevant laws and regulations, these Terms and Conditions, and the Operational Policies, and bear all responsibilities related thereto.

② "Member" shall not use any information (including third party information) acquired in the course of using the "Service" for any purpose other than the purpose necessary for the execution of the transaction and observe the obligations of related laws such as personal information protection .

③ "Member" shall not engage in any of the following acts in connection with the use of the "Service". 1. Misuse of the "ID" of another "Member"

2. Acts for the purpose of committing a crime or related to other crime

3. Dealing with goodwill and other social order

4. To defame or insult others' honor

5. Acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others

6. Collecting or storing personal information about unauthorized third parties.

7. Acts of hacking or disseminating computer viruses

8. Continuously transmitting certain contents such as advertisement information against the intention of others

9. Do not provide basic identity information even though it corresponds to a carrier.

10. Any act that may interfere with or prevent the stable operation of the Service;

(Acts that cause load on servers and facilities of "Company")

11. Acts that violate other related laws

12. Use of the Services in violation of its original purpose.

13. Miscellaneous The contents of the above-mentioned subparagraphs, which the Company considers inappropriate for the operation of the Service


④ "Member" shall use his / her "ID" only for the purpose of using it for "Service" and shall not loan or transfer it to another person or borrow or transfer the "ID" of another person.

⑤ "Member" shall be faithful to the "Company" when requesting the provision of related materials and calling for confirmation of the violation of this Article.

⑥ "Member" is obliged to back up and archive the uploaded materials in order to use the "Service".



Article 15 (Provision and Method of Information)

① "Company" may provide various information that "Member" considers necessary during use of "Service" to "Member" by way of notice or e-mail. However, "Member" may refuse to accept e-mail at any time, except for information related to transactions and related inquiries such as customer inquiries.

② When the information of Paragraph ① is tried to be transmitted by telephone and copying machine, it is transmitted with the prior consent of "member". However, this does not apply to replies to memberships, withdrawals, transaction-related information, and customer inquiries.

③ "Company" can display advertisements on service screens, homepages, e-mails, etc. in connection with the operation of "Services". The "member" who receives the e-mail containing the advertisement can refuse to accept the "company".



Article 16 (Ownership of Copyright, etc.)

① The copyright of the "homepage" and the "post" on the "homepage" produced by "member" through the use of the "service" belong to the respective authors and the copyright and intellectual property rights to the "service" belong to the "company" .

(2) The "Company" only grants the right to use the production tools (editors), domain, server space and homepage management system provided by "Company" to the "Members" Sale, or collateral.

③ The "post" in the "homepage" and "homepage" produced by "member" through the use of the "service" may be exposed to the "service" and related promotions provided by the "company" May be modified, duplicated, edited and published.

④ If the "Company" wishes to use the "post" in the "homepage" and "homepage" of the "member" in a manner other than the clause 2, it shall notify the "member" I will.



Article 17 (Withdrawal of membership and termination of use contract)

① The "Member" must process it immediately at any time, as entered in accordance with Article 8 through "All Home" or all Customer Center.

② When the withdrawal of "Membership" is completed, "Company" shall notify all information of "Member" except for the information of "Members" held in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and personal information processing policy and " Delete all registered "homepage" and "post" information.

③ After the withdrawal of the "Member", you may be restricted from subscribing to the information of the "Member" who has withdrawn as specified in the Service Operation Policy.


Article 18 (Restrictions on Use and Cancellation)

① "Company" may restrict the use of "Member" for the protection of member information and efficiency of operation if the member does not log in for a certain period of time.

② "Company" shall not be liable for any interruption, suspension or termination of the "Service" use agreement entered into pursuant to Article 8 if the "member" violates the relevant laws, regulations, (Hereinafter referred to as "Restricted Use"). The specific criteria of "restriction of use" are determined by the operating policy

③ "Company" may, even before the judgment of the court, "restrict the use" in consideration of the reasons for each of the following cases. 1. If the related organization determines that it is the home page of a company that violates the current laws and regulations or violates the current laws and regulations and requests to stop providing the service

2. When the broadcasting communication deliberation committee has made a request for correction

3. If the information is judged to be a "homepage" that is causing damage to users at a governmental agency such as the Fair Trade Commission or the National Police Agency or the e-commerce center in Seoul

4. When a claim of infringement is received from a third party on the grounds of defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, etc.


④ "Company" shall notify "Member" by the method of Article 12 when "use restriction" is done in accordance with Clause 1 or 2. In this case, the "Company" shall, in principle, grant the Member an opportunity to file an objection by setting a reasonable period before the "Restriction of Use", provided that, You may not.

⑤ If a Member suspends the execution of the Service Agreement or suspends the use of the Service in accordance with this Article in accordance with this Article, the Member may request the Member to withdraw the measure after eliminating the cause of the violation.

⑥ If the "Company" makes a "Restricted Use" in accordance with this Article, "Member" may request withdrawal of the "Restricted Use", and the details of the procedure shall be as specified in the "Service" operating policy.

(7) In case of the termination of the "Membership" pursuant to this Article, the "Company" shall, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the personal information processing policy, "And" post "information.



Article 19 (Interpretation of Terms)

① "Company" may have a separate service operation policy in addition to "Terms".

② Any matters not defined in the "Terms and Conditions" and interpretations shall be subject to the service operation policy, usage guide, and other related laws and practices.



Article 20 (Limitation of Liability)

① "Company" shall not be liable for the provision of the "Service" if it can not provide the "Service" due to natural disasters, DDOS attacks, IDC trouble, .

② "Company" shall not be held responsible for the obstacles of using the "Service" due to the cause of the member.

③ Member shall bear all responsibility for the contents of "homepage" and "post" in "homepage" produced by "member" using "service", and "company" I will not bear it.

④ "Company" shall not be responsible for any transactions between "Members" or "Members" and "Services" between third parties.



Article 21 (Governing Law and Judgment)

① The dispute between the Company and the Member shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

② In case of a dispute arising between "Company" and "Member", it shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the local court having jurisdiction over the place of residence if the address is not available. However, if the address or place of residence of a "member" at the time of filing is not clear, the competent court shall be established in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act.

③ In the case of a "member" who has an address or residence in a foreign country, the court of Seoul Central District Court in Korea shall be the court of competent jurisdiction for disputes arising between the "Company" and the "Member"

the password must be at least 6, and must have at least one alpha character and numeric characters

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