Wi-Fi display (miracast) FFMpeg MpegTs Supported

by digipine posted Nov 02, 2017


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I'm developing wifi display feature on linux device using Ffmpeg.
And I found something to contribute to this open source to develop wifi display

1. Mpeg TS
There are some instructions on wifi display specification about TS as below.
   - PID for PMT : 0x0100
   - PID for PCR : 0x1000   
   - Elementary PID 
     - Video : 0x1011
     - Audio : starting from 0x1100
   - PMT/PAT repeatition : the WFD Source shall transmit PAT/PMT repeatedly
with a maximum time interval of 100 msec between repetition.
   - LPCM support
   - Descriptions and etc.

2. miracast src/sink plugins.
This is doing like rtspsink based on wifi display spec.
I know there is no rtspsink, that's why i contribute new plugin.
These plugins have to handle rtsp msgs based on wifi display and send/receive
rtp data.
I think these plugins are running with rtpbin like udpsink.




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