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Pine Player is a great addition to the few simple hifi-audio players for MacOS and it looks great!

Only problem so far on OS 10.13.3 is the message "File does not exist" after the app crashes, which happens on high load. Also somehow the digital VU-meter seen in some screenshots of the app is missing in the actual app. It would be a great visual tool!

Thank you for your continueing development efforts!

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    Lou 2018.02.05 14:06
    Hi there,
    Wondered what version of Pine player you were using.
    Tnanks and cheers.
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    obarmer 2018.02.06 05:20
    Hello, was using 1.11.12 and now 1.11.13 with similar issues. Somehow adding and removing songs/folders causes the app to crash sometimes and "File does not exist" to appear on the next session.
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    Carlos 2018.06.28 23:04
    First of all, let me congratulate you for an outstanding piece of software!

    I've had these same problems (the "File does not exist" issue, as well as the random crashes) in all versions I've been using, for about 6 months now. I'm always on the latest Pine version, currently 1.11.45.

    I'm running on a Mac mini (late 2012) with 16GB RAM and a 500GB very fast SSD, and this is only used as a media player, so no other load on this machine. Running MacOS 10.13.5, always latest patches, but please note that I had also the same issues before High Sierra.

    Additional pieces of info that could help you debug:
    1. Most of my huge music collection is in FLACs, all ripped by myself over the years (using XLD on Mac, or abcde on Linux) with maximum paranoia.
    2. Most of that collection sits on an external 1TB HDD formatted with FAT.
    3. My system is configured with the "Put hard disks to sleep when possible".
    4. The errors seem to happen more frequently when oversampling is involved. I've been testing with the "1x source rate" setting — my problem is that I also own a few 24 bit FLACs, and there's no corresponding "Original sampling rate" option, so I have to switch back and forth. [Feature suggestion: introduce a "purist option", one bypassing all bit or rate sampling and all equalization!]
    5. I never use the equalizer.

    Thanks again for your great contribution to us audiophiles!

    Kind regards,

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